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About us

Producer of containers, metal bins and steel constructions.

PPH AMG Sp. z o. o holds a “Certificate of Management Quality Systems ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015” which includes “Container production, steel bins and other steel constructions”. Our company first recieved this certificate in May of 2000. The organization which gave us this certification was “Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited”. 

What we create

The company manufactures the following products, among others
  • Of open and closed hooklift containers for the universal use up to containers solutions for containers everyday use on construction sites or in scrap processing companies we build every hooklift containers according to DIN 30722-1, DIN 30722-2 and DIN 30722-3, with a volume of 7-40 m3.
  • Skip containers symmetrical and asymmetrical both open and closed with or without lid or flap,
  • cranable container, Hamburger series, drainage containers, hopper form,
  • as well as containers with a raised or low dumping edge, with rack cover,
  • hydraulic cover, 3-part sliding cover, Rolling rubber cover or large-capacity containers up to 20m3
  • manufactured according to DIN 30720 and DIN 30720-1,
  • Skip containers for multicar system, Jotha system symmetrical and asymmetrical, in open and covered versions
  • also craneable and with forklift pockets, volume from 1.5 to 4 m3,
  • manufactured according to DIN 30735.
  • Small containers, tipping containers, dump bodies, forklift or with opening floor as well as sorting box for a wheel loader

Hooklift platform for the transport of all piece goods as well as construction machinery. The design according to your individual needs Requirements:

  • Steel or aluminum side walls, sliding tarpaulins, stakes, indentations for wheels, length from 4 to 7 ldm,
  • manufactured according to DIN 30722-1, DIN 30722-2 and DIN 30722-3.
  • frames with or without twist locks,
  • manufactured according to DIN 30722-1, DIN 30722-2.
  • Magazine containers, drainage container, asphalt thermal container,
  • Water tanks, emergency containers, extinguishing containers, household waste containers, oil tanks,
  • Custom-made products and special containers according to customer requirements

PPH AMG Sp. z o.o. from the beginning of it’s existance, has developed it’s business to best meet the needs and expections of it’s clients. We are constantly introducing new innovations and pursuing investment (this includes the continous weld, a replacement for the sand blaster, and the purchase of a new painting chamber) with the goal of not only appeasing consumers but to go much further than their expectations.

We promise our clients exceptional attention toward two basic parameters with regard to the products we offer: quality and price, and one of the basic advantages of PPH AMG is that we offer our clients advice with well – grounded, workable and modern solutions, which in turn improves the quality of their business.

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PPH AMG Sp. z o.o.
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84 – 300 Lębork
NIP: 841-15-00-292

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